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214 Johnson Street Elon, NC 27244

Public Works

Image of Public works crew members on projectWelcome to the Town of Elon Public Works Department. The Department provides a wide range of municipal services to our community. The Public Works team brings a wide range of talents and a strong work ethic to their roles. Their responsibilities include the maintenance and repair of Town owned streets, buildings, park grounds and facilities, and water and sewer infrastructure. They are also responsible for waste management.

Meet the Staff:

Director, Donnie Woods: Donnie brings 38 years of experience working for the Town of Elon serving as Director and ORC for the Town. He grew up in Southern Virginia and North Carolina.  He loves cats and dogs and being outdoors. He is very proud of the Public Works Department and the way they strive to serve the citizens of Elon to create a safe community.

Assistant Director, David Murphy: David has worked at the Town of Elon for 36 years since he graduated High School. His first official work in Elon was as a volunteer fireman. He was born and raised in Alamance County never far from Elon. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, racing, and being outdoors.

Assistant Director, Cameron Starnes: Cameron’s first job was at Steve’s Garden Market unloading trucks and stocking coolers then he joined his families plumbing business. He is married with two daughters and one son, is a licensed plumber, and proud to have worked for the Town of Elon for 16 years.

Utilities and Maintenance Specialist, Eddie Madren: A long term employee, Ed has been with  the Town of Elon for 19 ½ years. He is an avid outdoorsman who loves camping, grilling and hanging out with family and friends. He plans on staying with the Town until he retires.

Utilities and Maintenance Specialist, Buddy Wilson: Buddy has worked for the Town of Elon since 1986. He is from a small town in Virginia called Trottinridge. Buddy enjoys carpentry, he also dabbles in plumbing and electrical work but his passion is grilling.

Crew Leader, TJ Engle: TJ has been with the Town of Elon for over 25 years. Before coming to Elon he worked for a company doing grading and hauling. This prior employment helped to give him experience with equipment operation which has benefited in his career with the town. He enjoys providing the services which the Town of Elon offers its residents and businesses.

Tech 2, Gene Dix: Gene is an Alamance County native. He loves spending time with his family, the outdoors, and raising a garden. He enjoys working for Public Works and serving the citizens of Elon. He has been with the Town of Elon for 5 years.

Tech 2, Jerry Stoltzfus: Jerry grew up on a dairy farm in upstate NY. He and his wife and 5 children moved to North Carolina 7 years ago. He enjoys fishing, ride motorcycles, play guitar, working on vehicles, and most of all, he loves spending time with my family.

Tech 2, Swanson White: Swanson started working for Elon public works in 2018 and he enjoys his job here. In his free time he enjoys working on old vehicles and grilling for the family. He has been married for 7 years and has a daughter.

Tech 2, Josh Huskey: Josh maintains all the equipment for the Town of Elon. In his spare time, he enjoys working on classic cars and trucks and repairing broken tractors and equipment.

Tech 1, Joe O’Keefe: Joe has been with the Town of Elon for 5 years. He keeps our downtown looking great. Originally from New Jersey.  He enjoys going to the gym, playing guitar, listening to music, and driving his 350Z. He also likes cats as he adopted a stray cat from the Public Works yard.

Tech 1, Casen Dent: A graduate from Western Alamance High school in 2022, Casen joined the team this past year. He is a volunteer firefighter at the Elon Fire Department. He has two dogs and enjoys his time at the fire department and hanging out with friends. He also enjoys fishing, and working his truck. He is grateful for working at such a great place.