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Emergency Response

The most visible part of the fire department is responding to emergency calls. The department responds to all types of emergencies from structure fires, medical emergencies and disasters. With 2 stations and personnel on duty 24 hours a day we are ready day or night to assist in a moments notice. The department responds to approximately 1,300 calls per year broken down into the three categories listed in more detail below. We are committed to providing the public the best possible service in a courteous and professional manner


The Elon Fire Department approximately 433 fire calls a year. These calls include house fires, commercial fires, vehicle fires, brush fires, mutual aid fires, etc. Our department utilizes 4 Engines, 1 Tankers, 1 Rescue Vehicle, 1 Ladder Truck, 2 Medical Units, 1 Brush Truck and 1 Command Vehicle to respond to these calls. Along with these apparatus the fire department employs several pieces of specialized equipment. Some of the items include, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Positive Pressure Ventilation Fans (PPV’s), Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA – otherwise known as Airpacks), Ventilation Saws and many other pieces of equipment that allow our firefighters to more effectively extinguish all fire before leaving the scene.


The Elon Fire Department responds to approximately 844 medical calls per year. These calls include heart attacks, breathing difficulties, lacerations, and auto accidents. The department also carries 4 Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s). This device allows us to send electric current through the heart, jump starting it, back into a normal heart rhythm.

The department responds to numerous vehicle accidents each year ranging from the least minor to the most severe. Some of the accidents involve a person or persons being entrapped inside the vehicle. In these severe situations the department uses specialized rescue equipment known as the “Jaws of Life”. This tool along with special cutters, airbags for lifting and hydraulic rams carried on Rescue 84, we can safely remove the vehicle from around the patient without causing further injury to the patient or patients.


The Elon Fire Department is committed to providing services to its community outside of the Emergency Response realm. Throughout the year we provide fire safety classes, fire extinguisher classes, smoke detector checks, Carbon Monoxide checks and provide blood pressure checks in order to provide best service we can to help out our community.

In the event a disaster strikes our community, we react immediately to assure our schools, retirement homes and disabled are free from harm. Once those areas have been checked we begin clearing the roadways of fallen trees and debris and checking on residents. The Town’s Incident Command Post is located at the fire department. By calling the fire department after a disaster you can get not only the fire department, but also the police department, and the public works department.