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Envision Elon 2040

The Town of Elon is developing a new Comprehensive Land Use Plan. The new plan will convey a vision for the future. It is intended to guide decisions of our town leaders and partner agencies over the next 20 years providing specific strategies to consider to realize that vision. These recommendations will be implemented with an updated Land Development Ordinance that was adopted in 2002. 

The plan is aspirational, yet grounded in the realities of market conditions, natural constraints, and infrastructure limitations. The supporting policies presented in the plan further communicate the community’s expectations and guide leadership decisions so the vision can be realized.

The Town is working on creating a plan that recognizes changing market conditions and recent investments, including the changes on the Elon University campus, the relocation of Elon Elementary School, and increased construction in existing subdivisions. The updated plan will also reflect concepts that will help with the development of a more vibrant downtown. 

The success of the planning process depends on the participation of citizens and other stakeholders. The ideas, observations, and opinions that residents and stakeholders offer are important inputs in crafting a plan that is custom-tailored to fit the Elon community.

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Community Workshop Information - Tuesday, March 27 and Thursday, March 29

Draft of the Envision Elon 2040 Future Comprehensive Land Use Plan